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Hotel information below if for your convenience to determine which hotel choices you would like to indicate on your Convention Registration Long Form.  After you have returned your long form with your housing preferences, starting in July, Housing will send you a letter with a link to the hotels of your choice so that you may register and pay directly to the hotel.  We will not be making your hotel reservations for you however, if you have not notified us of your lodging preferences, you will not be on the hotel list to get the special convention rate.  We are providing a link so that you are able to get the Convention rate for your room and make your reservations.
Host Hotel - Shreveport

  Sam's Town 

Sam s Town facility pic-page-001_edited.
Sam s Town facility pic-page-002_edited.
Holiday Inn - Shreveport
Sam s Town facility pic-page-001_edited_
Hampton logo page-page-001_edited_edited


Hampton Inn  Bossier_edited.jpg
HomeWood Suites & Hilton Garden Inn - Bossier

These two units are connected and at the same location, but offer different amenities
Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood suites_Boss
Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood suites_Boss
Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood suites_Boss
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